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here are the items in your crate from hq


Brand:  Sierra Soaps USA / Country of Origin : USA  & Imported / Retail MSRP : $24.99

Weighing in at 10.001 ounces of 100% hand made cleanliness it’s none other than......dun dun dun dunnnnnn : THE MAN BAR! Who said bigger isn’t better? The “Man Bar” from the Tactical Enthusiast company Sierra Soaps USA has one of the biggest bars of soaps out there (at over 200 grams!) that’s loved & become “a gift for those people you just don’t know what to get for them” due to it’s unique size & awesome name.

Even though its called the Man Bar, it’s been reported that spouses & girlfriends are constantly using their better half’s Man Bar because women absolutely love them. Unlike liquid soap, the Man Bar moisturizes your skin, will last an incredibly long time, & Sierra Soaps USA’s unique formulation  formulation blends the finest ingredients to give you a rich and moisturizing lather.

This soap will leave your skin clean, soft, & lightly scented with this fresh, masculine ocean fragrance.  Main Features: 100% Natural Handmade Soap - Skin whitening - Anti-wrinkle - Anti-allergy, moisturizing & repair - Makes skin smooth - Detoxes & helps prevent acne from sweat or working out.

Mini First Aid Kit

Country of Origin : USA / Retail MSRP : $6.99

Military Zippered First Aid Kit is made of a durable canvas material, with a nylon zipper that is ideal for storing first aid medical supplies and other small items. The pouch features a belt loop which allows you to attach it to your belt or bag. Contents include: a 2" Sterile pad, an Adhesive Tape Roll, 4 Bandages, a 2" Conforming Bandage, 2 Alcohol Prep Pads, 2 BZK Towelettes, 1 Small Sugar Pack, 1 Soap Bar, 1 Package of Aspirin, and Instructions. 

s-l640 (1).jpg
Adventurer Survival Knife

Country of Origin : USA / Retail MSRP : $34.99

This Deluxe Survival Knife is the ultimate survival knife featuring a ton of essential tools to help you in any emergency situation. The blade length of the knife is 5 1/2 and the total length of the knife is 10 1/2. The hollow handle with fingertip saw with handles comes with fishing line, hook & sinkers, adhesive bandages, pencil w/ refill under flint, harpoon, Morse code screw-off top with compass, peg on sheath for use as wire cutter accessories sheath with signal mirror, whistle and safety pins. A required item in ALL bug-out us - this is a keeper for SURE. 

Country of Origin : USA / Retail MSRP : $14.99

A MUST have in all reading material - for bad asses ;-) The FM 5-31 BOOBYTRAPS - An excellent look back at the history of Boobytraps formerly taught by the U.S. Army. As Boobytraps are no longer in use by the Army due to international treaties. This guide is the complete and definitive guide to the most effective and efficient boobytraps as developed by the U.S. Army. Now you can learn how to both assemble, trigger, identify and remove booby traps in any environment. This manual contains in depth guides on practical and effective disguises of booby traps, and has approximately 100 images for those that prefer learning visually. 

Boobytraps Book

"This is my rifle" T-Shirt

Country of Origin : Imported / Retail MSRP : $24.99

Ah....The Famous "This Is My Rifle" T-Shirt. This quote is inspired by the USMC Rifleman's Creed (also known as "My Rifle" & "The Creed of the United States Marine". This comfortable, yet durable Cotton/Poly T-Shirt features a printed rifle design with the infamous USMC quote "This Is My Rifle There Are Many Others Like It But This One Is Mine". If you've updated your ClubTac online account under the Customization tab, then this T-Shirt is your size you selected - and you are 1 step closer to leveling up & getting extra gear for FREE inside your next Crate! Receive a size that doesn't fit you? Then that means you haven't updated your online ClubTac profile Soldier! If that's the case, login to your ClubTac account & select your size preferences so your shirt & other future gear you get next month is your size! GET ON IT! Now At Ease ;-) 

Legacy MRE Meal

Brand:  Legacy / Country of Origin : USA / Retail MSRP : $28.95

Legacy Premium’s long shelf life foods make up the best food storage meals and products in the business. They are convenient to prepare and store and Legacy Premium freeze-dried meals will last on your shelf for up to a LONG twenty five years if stored properly. This is the best shelf life you could hope for in a freeze-dried, emergency food supply. 


Yeti Bottle Opener

Brand:  YETI / Country of Origin : USA  & Imported / Retail MSRP : $9.99

Well if they would’ve had these issued to us overseas, then there’s no way we would’ve got anything done. But now when outdoors or even in every day life if you need a bottle opener, just use your backpack! This YETI MOLLE Bottle Opener attaches directly to your MOLLE bag meaning you’ll never again be without a way to crack into those frosty brews. Its low profile prevents snagging, attaches snuggly for maximum leverage, and is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel that can take a major beating. 

Fairwin Tactical Military Belt

Brand:  Fairwin / Country of Origin : USA / Retail MSRP : $15.00

We love the Fairwin Tactical Military Belt due to its heavy duty design and quick release buckle. This Tactical Belt is great for wearing out to the range especially and features a web-style attached military buckly made by heavy duty metal that bears an incredible 1,100 pounds! These are widely used for military training and outdoor camping expeditions too. It also features an intuitive & smooth quick release functionality when you push the golden tabs down at the same time. If just one tab is engaged, the connection will still hold and fully re-lock on its own. Made of high strength, fast-dry eco-friendly 1000D nylon material. It’s breathable and very comfortable for daily use. 

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