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100 Grain Tactical Arrows w/ 3 Fixed Blades (6 Pack)
  • 100 Grain Tactical Arrows w/ 3 Fixed Blades (6 Pack)

    The Maifield 100 Grain Archery Broadheads are absolutely perfect to take down a zombie.  Literally 1 shot, straight through the skull, he's down.  No other zombies will even know you took him down, until it's too late and they enter your line of sight.  Seriously though, these 100 Grain Bowhunting Arrows have 3 fixed blades on the head of them, which make these an incredibly awesome choice for  Crossbows and Compound Bows.  

    According to the in-flight aerodynamics and blade deployment, the broadhead enhance flight stability and Penetration 100%.  
    The tip of the  broadhead arrow penetrates the animal (or Zombie you're hunting) through sinking in deep.  Featuring 3 EXTREMELY sharp fixed blades, it is designed for field practice and field hunting game, exclusive hybrid tips are surgically precise construction and 11/8" cut give you the ultimate advantage in the field.


    Remember, Bow hunting is an intense experience.  It requires quiet, concentration, and skill. You also need the right equipment, and at the sharp end, mechanical broadheads are a popular choice in the tactical and survivalist community.  

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