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10X25 Tactical Binoculars by BRAVO8
  • 10X25 Tactical Binoculars by BRAVO8


    These are definitely a must - and these specific Tactical Binoculars by BRAVO8 are a versatile set of compact binoculars that are ideal for everything. With 10X Magnification they DEFINITELY come in handy when looking down range, spotting live prey, sight seeing with family, or just plain SURVIVING and being aware of your surroundings.


    These Competition Edition Bincoulars feature a rugged roof prism, rubber cover for extra protection, rubber eye cups, and have a field of view 288 Ft at 1,000 Yards (which is our favorite shooting distance for practice with all Assault Rifles). The binoculars also include a convenient carrying case for safe and easy storage in any bug out or gear bag. The magnification is 10x, which with the 25mm objective lenses and premium lens coatings gives an amazing view under daylight conditions.

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