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16 Round Tactical Shotgun Shell Holder
  • 16 Round Tactical Shotgun Shell Holder

    When you go hunting, how many bullets do you take?  If someone breaks into your home or you have to defend yourself or others, sometimes whats loaded or in the chamber isn’t enough. Especially if you’re like Austin at ClubTac….(he’s a little trigger happy) 😁


    So why not have an extra 4 rounds?  No…how about 8?!  No…how about 10?! No….lets do 16!! Yes, 16 (SIXTEEN) extra shells of 12 or 20 gauge shotgun rounds you can now have at your finger tips when the time is needed.  


    These Tactical grade extra ammo saviors are constructed of incredibly durable 600D Mil-Spec Nylon, are beyond sturdy, and hold up to a generous 16 Shotgun Shells of either 12 gauge or 20 gauge type. 


    It has a unique design that’s foldable, and can be Hang on Belt for your tactical gear bag as well.  One of the things we liked specifically was the Quick Access feature that includes an adjustable flap with hook & loop with an added pull tab.  All combined to make it secure and quickly accessible.


    Main Specs Include:

    1. Constructed of incredibly durable 600D Mil-Spec Nylon


    2. Extremely portable due to the fact that the shotshell holster is designed to quickly reload your firearm.


    3. Large capacity. It can hold 16 shotgun shells. Yes…SIXTEEN


    4. MOLLE compatible system. You can attach it to almost any tactical belt, vest, or backpack.


    5. QUICK ACCESS Feature that includes hook and loop fastener that’s detachable for quick release.


    6. Perfect for hunting, shooting, personal defense, bug-out bags, and especially ideal for killing zombies….Let’s be honest, no one likes f**king zombies…. 🧟‍♂️ 

      $29.99 Regular Price
      $22.95Sale Price
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