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19 in 1 Paracord Frag Grenade
  • 19 in 1 Paracord Frag Grenade

    So these are totally bad ass, and we suggest saving this one for your Bug-Out Bag for sure!! 


    These grenades supply Premium Outdoor Survival Gear to Military, First Responders, Moutain Climbers, Eagle Scouts, and Outdoor Enthusiasts around the globe. When in comes to Survival, there's only 1 chance for your gear to come through for you when you need it most.


    That's why they design only the highest quality of gear that will last time and time again. This bad boy is not like other paracord kits, because this actually looks like a real grenade! But it's important to ensure your paracord survival grenade is always there when you need it most - so go ahead and hook this beast up to your gear with pride. These make bad ass gifts to literally ANYONE who loves the outdoors, and they are ideal for camping, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities, maybe even showing off ;-).


    The grenade includes: 1. Plastic Ball, 2. Fishing Line, 3. Weights X2, 4. Glow In The Dark Card, 5. Swivels X2, 6. Flint rod & Lure, 7. Alcohol Pad, 8. Tinder, 9. Tin Foil, 10. Knife Blade, 11. Compass, 12. Cotton Ball, 13. Iron Wire, 14. Safety Pin & Needle, 15. Wire Saw, 16. Water purification Tablets, 17. Whistle, 18. Rubber Band, 19. Fishing hooks X2 & Floats X2

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