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The 3-in-1 Military Gear Set is a versatile and tactical collection that includes a flashlight and two blades, designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and those who value preparedness in various situations. With its sturdy construction and functional design, this set is well-suited for a range of tasks and scenarios.

The folding knife in this set has a compact closed length of 4.5 inches, making it highly portable and easy to carry in a pocket or gear bag. The hunter-style knife, with an overall length of 9 inches, offers a longer reach and more robust cutting capabilities, making it suitable for various outdoor tasks.

Both knives feature blades made from stainless steel, which is known for its corrosion resistance and durability. Stainless steel blades require minimal maintenance and retain their sharpness well. The handles of these knives are constructed from Cambo Rubber, a material that provides a comfortable and secure grip, even in wet or challenging conditions.

The folding knife is designed in a classic "Hunter" style, emphasizing versatility and ease of use. This style is suitable for a wide range of cutting tasks, from slicing to piercing. The blades are finished in a sleek and tactical black color, not only adding to their aesthetic appeal but also reducing glare and reflections in outdoor settings. The set is manufactured by Rite Edge USA, a brand known for producing reliable and quality tactical tools and accessories.

The 3-in-1 Military Gear Set is designed with tactical versatility in mind. The folding knife's compact size makes it an ideal everyday carry (EDC) tool for various cutting tasks, from opening packages to slicing food. The hunter-style knife is well-suited for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, and fishing. Its longer blade provides excellent cutting power for tasks like field dressing game or preparing campfire wood. The included flashlight can be a crucial tool in emergencies, providing illumination when needed most. It enhances safety and ensures you're prepared for unexpected situations. The black blade color and robust construction make these knives suitable for tactical applications, including self-defense and survival scenarios.

    $25.86 Regular Price
    $24.98Sale Price
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