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30MM U.S. Military Combat Shell
  • 30MM U.S. Military Combat Shell

    WTF....  Why in Gods name would ClubTac offer this to Members to be able to buy?Well 3 words : IT’S BAD ASSYep...we said it.  Doesn’t get any more bad ass then this as far as Conversation pieces go inside a Man Cave or in an office or tactical collection.  This is same caliber of ammo once fired from the lethal Mk44 Bushmaster chain gun that spits out a devastating 200 rounds per minute at up to 2,200 yards. As used aboard U.S. Stryker vehicles and certain U.S. Navy warships.  30 mm ammunition is typically not used against personnel, but rather as an anti-materiel or armor-piercing round. Rounds of this size can be effective against lightly armored vehicles as well as fortified bunkers. 30mm is also a popular caliber for shipboard close-in weapons systems.  But let’s be honest...It’s most commonly known for its Modern Day Tactical use inside the U.S. Military Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter.These are REAL shell casings...Manufactured, Loaded, Shot at enemy target by U.S. Military, and now reloaded with molded dummy rounds for an insanely cool display in your military collection.U.S. Military IssuedMADE IN USA#MURICA#GETSOME
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