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Advanced Waterproof Luxury Backpack

Advanced Waterproof Luxury Backpack

Where Luxury meets Tactical! This Outdoor Extended Weekend Bag will most certainly last for years, and will be there for you when it comes to performance when you need it the most.

The surface of the backpack is made of a new generation waterproof PU material, fully enclosed water-proof SBS zippers won't let a single drop of water penetrate into the bag easily.  Besides keeping extra mags, ammo, camping and survival supplies and more in it, you can also keep your laptop, clothes and important documents from getting wet when outdoors.  

One thing we specifically loved about this Advanced Waterproof Extended Weekend Bag is the incredible ultra-large capacity it has! : 
This bad boy will fit a huge laptop in it, and has main pocket with padded sleeves, 2 mesh pockets, 2 normal pockets, a large front pocket, 2 more additional mesh pockets, and 2 more normal front pockets.  The quicker access zip pocket on the top is preference for your glasses, or shooter shades, and the quicker access zip pocket in the front is definitely a bonus for any items you need to grab on the go.
It also features a side pocket for your water bottle and backside anti-theft pockets for your valuable belongings.

Another bad ass feature is the way it allows you to carry the bag comfortably, without compromising position.  One of the Multi-carrying ways include a standard Bug Out Back Pack position that can be used in daily life, and the soft top handle allows this bag convert into a handbag in case your bringing a ton of goodies to the shooting range.  Or you can strap on the backside and make it fixed on a trunk of a car when you go on a long journey.  
Regardless of how you use it, one thing is for sure...and that is that this bad ass bag is 100% as comfortable as they come!  We noticed it had premium and advanced Padded Air Cushions on the Backside and also on the Shoulder Straps reduce the pressure effectively. It also features an adjustable buckle waist strap that allows the backpack to remain fixed on your body.

Finally the last thing we absolutely loved about this Advanced Waterproof Outdoor Weekend Backpack was the compass design on the waist belt, which will actually guide your way For you when you go for hiking, climbing, cycling or if you get lost because zombies have completely raided your neighborhood and your on your own on foot now. 😳 

But what if your phone goes dead?  No problem there either!  This bad ass comes with a USB charging port!  This USB charging port design allows you charge your electronic devices anywhere, and at anytime.  Finally took out all the zombies and have met up with your neighborhood squad?  Perfect!  Well done Commander!  Now you just need to grab your vehicle keys out of your bag and roll back to camp!  But wait...does that mean you have to dig through the entire bag to find them?  Oh no no no....  no need to rummage through your waterproof bag to find your keys anymore.  
Why you ask?  Well this beauty has a “quick find” Keychain hook is inside the bag for your keys.  Practical and GENIUS!


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