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Assault Rifle Brass Catcher
  • Assault Rifle Brass Catcher


    If you've ever been told at the shooting range to pick up your shells then you'll LOVE this. Or even if you're one of those who re-uses shells and makes his own ammo, the AR Brass Catcher is for sure something you'll need and love to have. Attach it right on the side of you favorite rifle and let it catch every shell that ejects after firing.

  added one of our favorite phrases to this one : "Don't Run, You'll Only Die Tired". We like their brass catcher because it features a hook and loop band that goes around the handguard and has a free float tube with wire frame that holds the mesh bag up to the ejection port.If you reload, it's a must have item. You will no longer scrounge around attempting to find all your spent brass, you will just have to unzip the catch bag and bingo,saved all your spent brass with zero extra damage.

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