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Black/White GearGuide

Black/White GearGuide


The OFFICIAL GearGuide is our exclusive weatherproof quick reference guides that attach to your gear that could very well could SAVE YOUR LIFE. If it doesn't help, then it will certainly teach you something new and/or give you somewhat of a cheat sheet always have you reference. (Plus they're kind of bad ass) This Black/White ClubTac GearGuide is currently the 2nd of the 2 versions offered & they're perfectly sized to fit into any traditional MOLLE loops.


Constructed from soft pvc & completely resistant to all weather types makes this tactical accessory beyond durable & it anchors with a hook-handle for convenience. Did we mention it glows in the dark? Yes... this little bad boy glows in the dark allowing others to quickly identify you (if hooked onto your backpack while hiking, backpacking, camping or surviving with your squad), identify a location you've been (like a starting point to remember where you've been if in the woods), & most importantly also allows you to reference the material displayed on the GearGuide in the event you have no light or your flashlight is dead.


This specific version features the most Common Knots that are extremely useful to know in life (and are good for passing on to your next generation). The Knots displayed are : The Rolling Hitch, The Anchor Hitch, The Clove Hitch, The Constrictor, The Carrick Bend, The Granny Knot, The Sheet Bend, The Bowline & The Famous Figure 8. Very useful, very tactically modern, & very bad ass.

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