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BlackHawk EDC Multi-Tool Knife
  • BlackHawk EDC Multi-Tool Knife

    SKU: Bulk-Multi

    The BlackHawk EDC Multi-Tool is an absolute necessity for Every Day Carry. Features a Black Oxided Finish with a Solid Stainless Steel Blade, while still graciously offering an incredibly light feel with its Aluminum Handle.


     Main Features Include: - KNIFE - Cut, Chisel and Carve wood, rope, and so many other types of material. - SAW - Cut paracord with a breeze. - FISH SCALER - Remove scales from fish and other scaly animals. - HOOK REMOVER - SCISSORS - You'd be surprised how handy these will come in! - BOTTLE OPENER - For the Bottle kinda of drinkers - CAN OPENER - For the Can kinda drinkers - HOOK REMOVER - CORK SCREW - For the Wine kinda drinkers - NEEDLE - Precise and can be used to thread fabric and patch clothing while in the field or on the go - NAIL CLEANER - No one likes garbage underneath their finger nails - NAIL FILE - What...what's wrong with good looking nails - LEATHER PUNCH - Just in case - PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER - Now we're talkin' - KEY RING CARABINER -


    Toss on your car or house keys and always be prepared in 1 perfect location

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