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Bunker Mug

Bunker Mug


One of our U.S. Marine Veterans that's part of Team CLUBTAC walked in the office with this attached to his backpack. We asked him what it was because it looked very cool & will definitely come in handy. Then we read what it said & started to die laughing... Clip On. Drink Up. Rock That Shit... Everyone thought it was incredibly bad ass, and we all wanted one - therefore we reached out to Besides it looking bad ass, this MINI-Mug is very useful & would like to invite itself to go on your next camping trip! Very Trendy, Lightweight, & UNBREAKABLE (which we aren't even going to attempt to try because they are kind of expensive :-0 )


This Mini-BunkerMug is capable of holding 6 ounces of your favorite beverage & is made of Double Wall 201 Complete Steel - Which makes it the PERFECT travel companion. Clip it by the Carabiner handle onto any belt loop, backpack, tote bag or even bicycle. Saddle up & hit the road! Makes a really cool gift for guys or groomsmen our Survivalist Expert randomly told us - even though he's single. Stainless Steel Construction, Safe, Durable, Trendy, Elegant, Low-Maintenance, Eco-Friendly and Practical.

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