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Camp Stix
  • Camp Stix


    Be Ready. Always Safe. Fire building made easy, the pure and natural way. Don't build your fire with noxious fumes or harmful chemicals. Use the time honored, organic method that resembles the centuries old art of the native fire builder. With an 80% resin content, Camp Stix shavings are easy to light even when wet, and produce an extremely hot flame. Camp Stix consists of one block of Missouri 4DB Harvested Fatwood/Pine attached to a handy paracord lanyard.


    Simply scrape and carve enough tinder to light your fire and store the remainder for future needs. Shaving off pieces of the fatwood introduces gobs of hot sparks when using a good ferrocerium fire starter rod that you may get in your next box-which will allow you to sit back and watch your fire burst into sustainable flames! Easy, safe, natural and perfect for any outdoor enthusiast and a true must have for all backpacks.

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