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The CCI #12 Pistol Shot Shells in 9mm caliber offer a highly effective solution for dealing with hard-to-hit pests at close range. Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, these shot shells from CCI® provide a quick and efficient means to address critter-related challenges. With a focus on performance, convenience, and ease of use, these rounds are designed to deliver optimal results.

Each shot shell is loaded with 53 grains of non-corrosive, non-reloadable lead shot, ensuring a consistent and reliable performance. The precise powder charge further contributes to shot uniformity, enhancing accuracy and effectiveness against pests at close quarters.

The innovative design includes rigid plastic shot capsules that break on the rifling, dispersing the shot with controlled precision. This feature maximizes the effectiveness of the shot pattern, increasing the likelihood of hitting the target even in challenging conditions.

The inclusion of a flexible base wad serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it prevents gas blow-by, ensuring a reliable and consistent propulsion of the shot. Secondly, it enhances the overall durability and reliability of the shot shell, contributing to its effectiveness over multiple uses.

Reliability is further reinforced by the use of CCI primers, a trusted component known for its consistency and dependability. This ensures that each shot shell ignites reliably, providing users with confidence in the round's performance when it matters most.

Cleaning up after use is a straightforward process, as residue can be removed using normal cleaning methods. This practical feature allows for easy maintenance, ensuring that the shot shells remain ready for subsequent use.

For added convenience, these CCI #12 Pistol Shot Shells are packaged in reusable, 10-round pocket packs. This packaging not only provides a compact and portable storage solution but also allows users to keep a readily accessible supply on hand.

The CCI #12 Pistol Shot Shells in 9mm caliber offer a reliable and efficient solution for addressing close-range pest control challenges. With their innovative design, precise components, and user-friendly packaging, these shot shells exemplify CCI's commitment to quality and performance in the field. Whether dealing with pests or honing your shooting skills, these rounds deliver the dependability and functionality that users expect from CCI ammunition.

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