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Challenge Coin #2 of 25

Challenge Coin #2 of 25


Traditionally, Challenge Coins were given to prove membership when challenged & to enhance morale during WWI. Today, these beautiful coins are still the number one collectible for the U.S. Military. They continue to act as a tool in building morale & they also make memorable gifts & awards.


Keep one of these ClubTac Challenge coins in your pocket in case you ever feel the need to present a challenge! This is Challenge Coin number 2 out of the 25 Collectible Challenge Coins from CLUBTAC & they are EXTREMELY UNIQUE. Other Members may try to buy them to complete their collection of having all 25, and some go for very high prices due to their weight and construction. For example, this coin is our ClubTac AirDrop Challenge Coin and is Antique Silver Plated Brass.

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