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    Talk about lookin’ like a bad ass. Our American Heritage Apparel features our extremely popular "Whisky" theme tees, along with this American favorite : The Civil War Weapons! This will definitely be a head turner amongst friends, family and colleagues while sporting some of the most classic firearms our of great country. ( We just can't believe how some of these still shoot like a dream!


    Just not very accurate though :) Sustainability meets softness in this classic tee that will become a staple the instant you put it on. This Premium 4.13-ounce, 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton Shirt is an absolute must have for all firearm enthusiast. It's beyond fact If comfortable was an actual item, then this would be it, and you would own it.


    Featuring a fit bound self-neckband blind stitch hem, this garment is truly infused with unique character. Our American Heritage Whisky Apparel features the American Heritage Emblem on the front left chest, features the American Flag on the right arm (with the stars facing forward like the U.S. Military - because the U.S. doesn't retreat, we push forward ALWAYS), and it also has the ClubTac “Live Fast” Assault Rifle logo on the left sleeve. The back of the T-Shirt shows some of the most classic small firearms of The American Civil War...featuring The 1861 Rifled Musket Cal .58 with Bayonet Attachment (due to extreme close combat), The 1855 Rifle Cal .58, The COLT Navy Revolver Cal .32, The Sharpe's Carbine Cal .52, The REMINGTON Army Revolver Cal .44, and the Spencer Repeating Carbine Cal .56. Most of these were used by both the North AND South, due to the fact that after a soldier was killed on either side the enemy would grab that dead soldiers gun power bag, lead satchel, and whatever firearm he dropped. The CLUBTAC American Heritage Apparel Line is Classic, Stylish & Extremely Comfortable. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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