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  • American Heritage: WHISKEY T-SHIRT (SHORT SLEEVE)

    Talk about lookin’ like a bad ass. Our American Heritage Whisky Themed Apparel will definitely be a head turner amongst friends, family and colleagues while representing 2 things - the 1st being that you love your country, and the 2nd being that you don’t take prisoners. Sustainability meets softness in this classic tee that will become a staple the instant you put it on. This Premium 4.13-ounce, 50/38/12 poly/cotton/rayon 50% polyester (6.25% recycled), 38% cotton (6.25% organic), 12% rayon is an absolute must have Shirt. It is beyond comfortable. If comfortable was an actual item, then this would be it, and you would own it.


    Featuring a fit bound self-neckband blind stitch hem, this garment is truly infused with unique character. Our American Heritage Whisky Apparel features the American Heritage Emblem on the front left chest, features the American Flag on the right arm (with the stars facing forward like the U.S. Military - because the U.S. doesn't retreat, we push forward ALWAYS), and it also has the ClubTac “Live Fast” Assault Rifle logo on the left sleeve. The back of the T-Shirt is where we took our time with design. We designed it to look almost like a Vintage Jack Daniels Whisky label - which is why this is our Whisky Apparel line. Within that Whisky Label, you’ll notice features and descriptions about ClubTac and the United States. Referencing “Since 1776” is obviously referring to when our incredible country kicked Englands ass, we signed the Declaration of Independence and became a free nation.


    This is by far the #1 most requested T-Shirt we offer. These sell out very quickly and able to be back ordered if we are out of stock. The ClubTac Whisky Apparel is Sleek, Modern, Stylish & Extremely Comfortable. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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