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Come & Take It Money Clip
  • Come & Take It Money Clip

    The "Come & Take It Money Clip" is a compact and tactical folding knife that not only offers practical functionality but also makes a bold statement. With its compact size, sturdy construction, and 3D-printed ABS handle featuring a built-in money clip, this knife is a versatile everyday carry accessory that's ready for action.


    The "Come & Take It Money Clip" folding knife is designed with convenience in mind. When closed, it measures just 2.25 inches in length, making it incredibly easy to carry in your pocket or attach to your gear.


    The blade of this folding knife is crafted from black stainless steel, which not only provides durability but also resists corrosion, ensuring that it remains sharp and reliable in various conditions. The knife's handle is constructed from 3D-printed ABS material. ABS is known for its toughness and resistance to impact, making it an excellent choice for a handle that can withstand everyday use and potential rough handling.


    One of the standout features of this tactical tool is the built-in money clip on the handle. It allows you to securely carry cash, cards, or other small items, enhancing its practicality as an everyday carry accessory. Thanks to its compact size and money clip, this folding knife is an ideal EDC tool. It's perfect for opening packages, cutting cords, or handling everyday cutting tasks.


    The integrated money clip adds a layer of functionality. It allows you to keep cash, cards, or important documents close at hand, streamlining your everyday carry essentials. The black stainless steel blade and durable handle construction make this knife a reliable companion in tactical situations. Whether you need to cut rope, defend yourself, or handle emergency scenarios, this knife is up to the task.


    The "Come & Take It" phrase on the handle makes a bold statement about the importance of individual rights and freedoms, particularly the right to bear arms. It reflects a spirit of self-reliance and personal liberty.


    The "Come & Take It Money Clip" folding knife is a compact and versatile everyday carry tool. With its sturdy construction, stainless steel blade, 3D-printed ABS handle, and integrated money clip, it's well-suited for everyday tasks, tactical situations, and making a statement about personal freedoms. This folding knife is both a practical and symbolic accessory for those who value preparedness and individual rights.

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