This is a copy (obviously) of one of the greatest documents in U.S. HISTORY...The Declaration of Independence.... So what makes this specific copy special?? Well, hired a company in Philadelphia make these for ClubTac Members - on the EXACT SAME PAPER it was originally written on in 1776, which is called antique parchment paper. Not only that, but the company who made them for all the ClubTac members is located in - you guessed it - Philadelphia, U.S.A. Therefore you're holding a smaller version of this historical document that is not only on the same paper it was originally signed on, but also from the same State!


The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776 and it announced that the thirteen American colonies at war with the Kingdom of Great Britain would now regard themselves as thirteen independent sovereign states - no longer under British rule. (If you didn't know that and thought that it was just a day where you shoot off fireworks - you should be slapped) and move out of the U.S.A. With this Declaration, these states formed a new nation the one and only ass-kicking United States of America. BOOM!  Frame it. Love it. Brag about it. If you're able, pick up the phone and call your mom and tell her thank you for allowing you the live in this incredible country. (And that you love her) You now own a piece of history. Enjoy ClubTac Family 


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