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    The DemerBox® DB1 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is the epitome of rugged audio excellence, designed to bring professional sound to the heart of your adventures. Encased in a crushproof Pelican® case with dry internal storage, this speaker is not only a sonic powerhouse but also built to withstand the demands of your explorations. With an impressive array of features, this DemerBox speaker ensures that your audio experience is as resilient as it is immersive.


    The 100-ft. Bluetooth® range provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to wirelessly connect your devices to the speaker even in challenging outdoor environments. Whether you're at the beach, on a hike, or camping in the wilderness, the DemerBox DB1 ensures that your sound source is always within reach.

    Boasting an extraordinary 40+ hour battery life, this speaker is a true endurance champion. The internal USB port allows you to charge your phone or other USB-compatible devices, ensuring that your essential electronics stay powered during your adventures. This feature not only enhances the speaker's utility but also makes it a reliable companion for extended outdoor excursions.


    The audio performance of the DemerBox DB1 is equally impressive. With (1) 3" 8 ohm aluminum cone with rubber surround drivers and 11w per channel RMS, this speaker delivers up to 94 dB of volume. The result is a rich and powerful sound that can easily fill outdoor spaces, enhancing the ambiance of any adventure.

    Housed within the waterproof, crush-proof Pelican® 1150 case, the DemerBox DB1 is built to endure the toughest conditions. The case not only protects the speaker from external elements but also provides a dry internal storage compartment for safeguarding valuable items like your phone, wallet, or keys.

    The DemerBox DB1 goes beyond individual performance by offering the option to pair multiple speakers via Bluetooth. This enables you to create a dynamic outdoor sound system, perfect for entertaining a larger audience during gatherings, events, or parties.

    As a testament to its quality and appeal, multi-platinum, GRAMMY award-winning artist Zac Brown not only brought a DemerBox to Belize for a spearfishing trip but loved it so much that he is now a co-owner of DemerBox. This endorsement from a renowned artist speaks volumes about the speaker's reliability and performance.


    Included in the package are an AC charger, a 3.5mm stereo cable (39"l.), plug port, and a quick start guide. As a final mark of excellence, the DemerBox DB1 is proudly built in the USA, ensuring a commitment to craftsmanship and quality. In conclusion, the DemerBox DB1 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is not just an audio device; it's a companion built for the most adventurous and demanding audio experiences, delivering exceptional sound quality wherever your journey takes you.

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