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    An old school tin filled with Combat Ready Ointment, perfect for the home. Life is a contact sport and war wounds are apart of the game. Doc Spartan's Combat Ready Ointment is the no BS, all natural, first aid ointment that gets you back to doing what you love. It smells great and gets the job done.


    Doc's proprietary formula utilizes nature's best ingredients to comfort and soothe all of your first aid needs. It contains Organic naturally refined coconut oil, 100% Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, and Tea Tree Essential Oil. For best results, Combat Ready Ointment is intended to be applied topically multiple times a day. It also works great as a daily moisturizer to help prevent dry skin from cracking and ripping. MULTI USE  For cuts, rips, scrapes, scars, burns, rashes, tattoos, and more, this Doc Spartan Combat Ready Ointment heals wounds and can help prevent dry skin. Fast acting and designed for home health and skin care, you can make sure that whether by combat or by workout, your wounds can heal the natural way. ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS


     The Doc Spartan Tin of Combat Ready Ointment is made in the USA and with all natural ingredients including refined coconut oil, 100% natural beeswax, Vitamin E, and sweet almond oil. Rubbing grass on a wound won't heal a thing; try a combat ready big tin that's allergic to BS and will proudly serve your skin. AS SEEN ON SHARKTANK  Not just the company, but the product itself that gave DocSpartan success on Shark Tank  it's time you had the Doc Spartan Big Thin ointment that soothes wounds, heals wounds, and gets you combat ready in no time at all. LIFE IS A CONTACT SPORT  Be prepared for it.


    The Doc Spartan Big Tin Combat Ready Ointment will help handle whatever life throws at you. Keep your combat medic by your side, and the day is yours before it's even begun.

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