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Double Bladed Tactical Tomahawk
  • Double Bladed Tactical Tomahawk

    Ahhhh...A good taste of real hard working TACTICAL (even if it's from over 1,000 years ago). 
    Believe it or not, until the late Middle Ages, gunpowder was barely used on the battlefield. No joke - Weapons of war included swords and spears, supported by bows and arrows. Battle axes could be used to destructive effect. The medieval battle axe also called battle-ax is an axe particularly designed for combat.
    Axes made for battle ranged in weight from slightly over 0.5 kg to 3 kg, and in length from over 30 cm to upwards of 1.5 m.

    This particular Double Bladed Tactical Tomahawk Axe is similar to the one handed battle axe style bladed axe that were prevalent during Iron Age in the eastern Mediterranean Basin. Other forms of axes, such as narrow axe heads were manufactured by artisans in the Middle East and then Europe during the Copper Age and the Bronze Age. Uses of battle axes were also recorded in the ancient Greece and among the Roman Armies.
    The medieval battle axes were rampant in Europe in the Viking Age. They were seen to be used throughout the rest of the middle ages until the end of the 16th century when gunpowder was used instead as major military tactic. However, in late 1940s, Prince Rupert was seen carrying a battle axe. In the 19th century, Napoleon’s Pioneer Corps also employed axes that were used for clearing vegetation.
    Battle axes were wielded by the English armored foot soldiers. Two types are evident. A smaller one-handed axe that could also be used as a club and that, in one or two cases, may be being thrown. The larger axe is usually wielded with both hands.

    When it came to Battle Axe Training there is no precise historical record of training method of battle axe. However, some experts suggest that the soldiers were trained to pierce the opponent’s armor with accuracy.
    Battle Axes is one of the type of weapons that was used by feudal armies during the Middle Ages. All men in The Middle Ages were expected to know how to fight. They were expected to be readily available when called to fight for the king. Their lives were organized and structured to have military training incorporated in their daily lives.
    Expertise in the use of medieval weapon such as Battle Axe and understanding the strategy of Middle Age warfare was crucial and played an important part in Medieval Life. Battle Axe training include practicing new moves, accuracy, defending, and managing battles including close contact fights using Battle Axe .
    Double Bladed Tactical Tomahawk Axe is one that they would consider an "Berserker" Battle Axe or Tactical Tomahawk.  With an overall length of almost 17'', the Axe head and bands are constructed with pure stainless steel construction and complimented with a black oxidized blade finish.

    We included this Battle Axe in this months crate because truthfully, it's just fu**ing AWESOME!  It was a rare find, and we had to grab them while we were able!  
    Berserker, Norwegian berserk, Old Norse berserker (“bearskin”), in premedieval and medieval Norse and Germanic history and folklore, a member of unruly warrior gangs that worshipped Odin, the supreme Norse deity, and attached themselves to royal and noble courts as bodyguards and shock troops.  They were the "beast of throwing axes".

    This is definitely the ClubTac tool of choice if no firearm is nearby to take out a zombie and his zombie friends! 

    Notable Features Include:
    - 16.8" overall
    - Axe is made of pure stainless steel
    - Axe blade is black and has oxidized blade finish
    - Axe handle is made from military grade polymer for enhanced durability 
    - Hole conveniently placed at the bottled of the grip handle to put paracord rope through for multiple attachment locations

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