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A must have item for your bug out bag... this little everyday carry gear with O-ring keeps both the matches and the red phosphorus (strike-on-the-box) striker dry. It also holds a few other items important to have for everyday use or even survival, such as a sewing kit, a nail file and q-tips. Though these items are small, they are mighty and can have many uses for survival.

Here are some uses of these items:

Q-tips - You can clean a corroded battery, make a fire starting kit, apply antibiotic ointment, pack bandage material into a wound, get debris out of our eyes, and even clean your guns.

Sewing Kit - You can repair clothing. fix a ripped tent or tarp, mend backpacks, sleeping bags, and gear, and in an extreme emergency, be able to stitch up a wound.

Nail File - You can sharpen earrings into fishhooks, sharpen your knife, or even needles and create saw dust by filing twigs to make a fire.

Matches - Light up that fire you just made.

Striker - Red phosphorus to strike matches with.

Want an extra? Want to be a rockstar and give one as a gift for someone’s birthday or special event? Visit the Bunker at and grab yourself an extra!

❗️THIS ITEM HAS A FEATURED VIDEO! ❗️➡️ To view this video & other product videos you can: Scan the QR Code at the top of this Flyer! Login using your CLUBTAC login credentialsOR➡️➡️👍 Go to the Apple App Store & download the FREE CLUBTAC 📲 iPhone App! You’ll also receive Special PERKS & Full Product Detail Videos on all the items inside your crate!

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