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Fingerless Sniper Gloves
  • Fingerless Sniper Gloves

    SKU: Fingerless_GLVES
    Sometimes you just need that good ole� �trigger finger� to actually get the job done that no other tactical glove can offer. Not too mention some shooters actually claim that the enclosed style of tactical gloves actually get in the way of the trigger, and actually cause them to shoot when they aren�t trying to - which to say the least can be extremely dangerous. That�s why they have these. Designed for the Military to offer the very best in warmth and comfort, these Winter Fingerless Sniper Gloves offer a flip style that are perfect for anyone looking to keep the cold of winter off of their hands, but yet still be ready to pull the trigger when that good ole� trigger finger when needed. Also called �Tactical Mittens�, they feature a retractable finger flap to turn them into Fingerless Sniper Gloves when you need the individual use of your fingers, as well as suede palm and thumb patches ensure a good grip on tools, shopping bags, and more. They also boast other notable features we loved including being Windproof. These Fingerless Sniper Gloves will certainly come in handy during the colder months, and with the Retractable Mitten Top there�s no need to worry about the Trigger OR the Cold. And the Breathable Polyester Fleece Shell with the Elastic Wrist and Locking Cinch Cord with attached Hook & Loop Back will allow your palms never to sweat, while also not being concerned about loosing them either.
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