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FireCel Elements
  • FireCel Elements

    SKU: firecel

    This is an awesome little outdoors (or indoors if your hands are cold) tool that can keep you warm, help you see, and even re-charge your phone! FireCel is an essential multi-purpose tool for any outdoors enthusiast or anyone who wants to be prepared in life. This rugged device features a dual-temperature hand warmer, a multi-mode flashlight, and a portable power supply for smartphones and personal electronics. FireCel's 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery can deliver a full charge to most smartphones and MP3 players.


    The hand warmer, with 110- and 130-degree settings, provides continuous heat for up to 3 hours. An integrated flashlight features both red and white LEDs and 5 modes, including SOS for unexpected emergencies. The red LEDs are ideal for stargazing or anytime you need to preserve your night vision. FireCel�s high quality aluminium shell is rugged enough for outdoor use, and compact enough to fit in your pack, pocket, or glove compartment. Never leave home without the 3-in-1 FireCel. We suggest putting it in your Bug-Out Bag, Range Bag, or even your glove compartment of your vehicle! When we tested it out it took an iphone from 0% to 40%!

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