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Frogg Toggs Chilly Mini
  • Frogg Toggs Chilly Mini


    Frogg Toggs Chilly Mini personal cooling neck wrap is made from hyper-evaporative material and is made for staying cool during a hot workout. Just wet it, wrap it around your neck and you're on your way to cool soft comfort. The Chilly Mini absorbs sweat and cools up to 30 Degrees to keep you comfortable during a tough workout, a rough climb, a hard run or any strenuous indoor or outdoor activity.


    It is also great for the Kids for Baseball, Soccer, Football and any sport or outdoor activity. For us Adults it's great for camping, hiking, jogging, yoga, hunting, bike riding, shooting at the range, working out, Zombie Standoffs, etc... With its handy size: 3" X 29" you can take it anywhere. It's Durable, Washable and Totally Reuseable with UPF 50+ UV Protection.

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