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    Now what do we have here?  Is that a...Flamethrower??  
    Why yes it is! :-) 


    The FTG-NAR20 Flame Thrower is the most bad ass flame thrower you will be able to find on the market today that's LEGAL to own in 49 states  for its price.  Constructed from Military Grade Heat Resistant ABS, this bad boy utilizes a simple propane tank to blast flames up to a whopping 15 (yes FIFTEEN) feet!  


    CLUBTAC HQ was presented these, but we had to test them out first to ensure they were worthy of being considered a "flame thrower" and not just some glorified torch.  Well needless to say we were extremely impressed.  In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, this will DEFINTITELY come in handy.


    Designed and assembled completely in the U.S.A., the FTG-NAR20 Flamethrower is manufactured from SV (Supervillan Supplies) out of Florida, and so far it's only banned in the State of Maryland.  SV Supplies designed the FTG-NAR20 to be a more MODERN and TACTICAL version of a flamethrower.  Featuring picatinny rails on the top and also each side of the flamethrower.  This allows you to add any additional attachments you choose, just like any type of AR.  It also comes with aircraft grade aluminum tank holder that attaches to the side of the flamethrower. 


    Just watch this product video we have on CLUBTAC.COM 
    You will see exactly how awesome this bad boy is.


    Main Specs Include:
    - Designed and assembled in USA
    - Flamethrower Range: Up to 15 Feet (for California Residents it's modified for up to 10 feet)
    - Customizable Attachments Included
    - Propane Based (14.1 oz Not Included)
    - Shell Material: Heat Resistant ABS
    - Plastic Hose Material: Premium U.S.A Standard PVC Hosing
    - Operation & Safety Manual Included 


    Contrary to what we've seen in the movies, the flamethrower was designed to clear the enemy out of hard-to-reach areas such as bunkers, caves, & tunnels by burning up the oxygen in the area, the flamethrower quickly knocked the enemy out of the fight. It was designed primarily to incapacitate, not kill.
    World War I marked the debut of the modern flamethrower when soldiers used them in trench warfare. The weapon also figured prominently in World War II. The U.S. Marines used them to deadly effect against Japanese bunkers in the jungles of the Pacific islands.


    This is a MUST for outdoor and tactical enthusiast who love everything that is simply BAD ASS!

    Also perfect for those who want to take out zombies...No one likes f**king zombies. 🧟‍♂️

    ➡️ To view this video click here:


      $699.95 Regular Price
      $499.95Sale Price
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