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Gerber “Prybrid” (Utility Knife & Prybar)
  • Gerber “Prybrid” (Utility Knife & Prybar)

    Engineered for rugged/tough & tactical use, this bad boy has a retractable blade pry bar, large & small flat drivers, nail puller, wire stripper, bottle opener & lanyard hole!  
    This truly is an “all-in-1” EDC tool you’ll love! The Gerber Pocket Utility Knife with Prybar is sturdy, compact & stunningly utilitarian. 

    Useful at the Job Site:
    Not only will the Gerber Pocket Utility Knife with Prybar be useful at the job site, but also useful at home & for DIY projects. This hybrid tool, blends the best of a replaceable utility blade knife & a compact multi-tool.  

    On specific feature we love is the fact that this is an actual “Utility” Blade, meaning it eliminates the need for a sheath as it’s designed to be carried in your pocket with ease, offering an immediate access to the 8 various tools it houses.

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