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    The 4.5 Inch Grenade Master Folder is a versatile and tactical folding knife designed for practicality and convenience in various situations. This spring-assisted folder is built to be both functional and visually striking, making it an excellent addition to your gear.


    With a folded length of 4.5 inches, this knife is compact and easy to carry, making it suitable for everyday use and outdoor adventures. The spring-assisted opening mechanism ensures quick and smooth blade deployment, allowing for rapid access when you need it most. This feature is particularly valuable in tactical situations where speed is crucial.


    The stainless steel blade not only provides excellent corrosion resistance but also delivers impressive cutting performance. Its durability and sharpness make it a reliable tool for a variety of tasks, from cutting rope to slicing through various materials. The knife features an ABS handle, which is known for its durability and lightweight properties. It ensures a comfortable and secure grip, reducing the risk of slipping during use.


    A stainless steel finger grip adds both visual appeal and functionality to the knife. It enhances the user's control over the knife and provides an additional layer of security during use. The built-in clip allows for convenient and secure pocket carry. Whether you're on the move or need quick access to your knife, the clip keeps it within easy reach.


    The 4.5 Inch Grenade Master Folder is designed to be a versatile and tactical tool suitable for a range of situations:
    -Its compact size and clip make it a practical everyday carry (EDC) item, ensuring that you're prepared for various cutting tasks in your daily life.

    -Whether you're hiking, camping, or exploring the great outdoors, this knife is a reliable companion for tasks like cutting branches, preparing food, and ensuring your safety. 
    -The spring-assisted opening and durable blade design make this knife valuable in tactical and self-defense situations, where quick and reliable access to a sharp blade can be critical.


    The Grenade Master Folder is a compact and versatile folding knife designed for practicality and tactical use. Its combination of stainless steel components, spring-assisted opening, ergonomic handle, and convenient clip make it a valuable tool for everyday use, outdoor adventures, and tactical situations. With this knife at your side, you'll be well-prepared for a variety of tasks and challenges.

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      $25.98Sale Price
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