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HYDR8 Water Filtration Bottle
  • HYDR8 Water Filtration Bottle

    SKU: HYDR8-Btl

    The HYDR8 Survival Water Filtration Bottle is the #1 chosen water bottle for outdoor enthusiast and survivalist experts. The HYDR8 Bottle removes 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria from your water, including E-Coli. Filter out 99.9 percent of protozoan parasites found in water, including Cryptosporidium and Giardia.


    The HYDR8 filtering water bottle has a shelf life of five years, which means it's a great item for shelters and hurricane packs, and has an impressive built in purifier that's modernly designed to filter up to 396 gallons of water (1500 liters).

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