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M36 WWII Pistol Belt

M36 WWII Pistol Belt

The M36 WWII Pistol Belt is a meticulously crafted replica designed for enthusiasts and reenactors seeking an authentic and versatile accessory. This belt is a faithful homage to the classic 3-grommet M36 design, evoking the essence of World War II-era military gear. It stands out as an ideal choice for those who appreciate both style and functionality.


Constructed from high-quality 100% cotton webbing, the belt ensures durability and comfort during extended wear. The cotton material not only adds to the belt's rugged aesthetic but also enhances its resilience in various conditions. This feature makes it suitable for the demands of reenactments or outdoor activities, appealing to individuals who value both historical accuracy and practicality.


The M36 WWII Pistol Belt is equipped with robust black metal hardware, contributing to its overall sturdiness. The metal components not only enhance the belt's durability but also provide a sense of authenticity, replicating the hardware used during the WWII era. This attention to detail ensures that the belt not only looks the part but also withstands the rigors of active use.

The inclusion of the distinctive "U.S." black stencil on the belt adds an authentic touch, capturing the iconic markings of the original M36 design. This detail enhances the belt's historical accuracy, making it an excellent choice for historical reenactments or collectors who appreciate period-specific aesthetics.


Designed to accommodate a range of needs, the M36 WWII Pistol Belt is tailored to fit waists of up to 40 inches. This adjustable feature ensures a secure and comfortable fit for a diverse range of individuals, catering to both reenactors and those seeking a practical everyday belt. The versatility of the belt is further emphasized by its compatibility with various holsters, mag pouches, and other accessories, making it an ideal choice for individuals who demand both style and functionality from their gear.


The M36 WWII Pistol Belt seamlessly blends historical accuracy with modern functionality. Crafted from durable materials and featuring authentic details, this belt is a reliable companion for reenactors, collectors, and individuals who appreciate the timeless appeal of classic military design.

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