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MET-Rx Colossal Meal Replacement Bar
  • MET-Rx Colossal Meal Replacement Bar


    WANT TO SURVIVE? TRY THIS! This is what you call a seriously HIGH PROTEIN Meal Replacement Bar, and these are perfect if there's ever a food shortage at the grocery stores! MET-Rx protein bars are power-packed with high protein for the kind of energy your body demands. MET-Rx protein bars help you build energy for your next workout, game, competition, or your bodies survival against starvation. This protein & meal replacement bar from MET-Rx taste absolutely fantastic! (And that's not just because we love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - even though we do!)


    Perfect for a balanced diet, this meal replacement bar goes beyond normal grams of protein, allowing your body to build serious energy in a single bar. This delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor has no artificial colors or flavors and is a great addition to your bug-out bag! Remember, you need to ALWAYS BE PREPARED. If grocery stores close, or don't have enough food in stock, what would you do? Remember, people do stupid sh** when they can't eat. PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY. Enjoy your meal!

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