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Military Grade MONSTER Light Stick

Military Grade MONSTER Light Stick

Many of our Members have asked for more of these - because let’s be honest...You can never have too many of these in case of an emergency. And they are truly BAD ASS!  These meet all 3 guidelines of SURVIVAL, TACTICAL & PRACTICAL!  

THIS IS THE OFFICIAL CHEMICAL LIGHT OF THE U.S. MILITARY.  Yes that’s right!  These ChemLight Military Grade light sticks are standard issue for all military personnel, so you know there’s no better alternative available.  But even if you’re not necessarily kicking ass for our country or kicking ass to protect your family, these still have a huge variety of uses.
Whether you’re using these chemical light sticks for tactical applications, as part of your emergency kit, for hiking, camping or even just for your enjoyment, you can be sure they will provide just the right amount of light necessary - regardless of how extreme. 

These 10’ Inch bad bitches are extremely bright!  This means you can get the job done when electric light isn’t an option. The patented, long-lasting formulations in these Tactical Grade ChemLight chemical light sticks provide up to 6 hours of 360 degree illumination. The bright orange color can be seen from up to 1 MILE AWAY! Easy as 1,2,3..... Snap, Shake & GO. 

100% Weatherproof - 100% Non-Toxic - 100% Non-Flammable - 100% Waterproof, and 100% Windproof.  These truly are the essential to all BugOut Bags & Gear Bags alike!  

- Our CLUBTAC Survival Expert says : “Use it to flag down any plane or helicopter in the sky or even a coast guard while on the water.  

- Our CLUBTAC Technology Specialist says: “ For all practical reasons, you need this in your trunk of your car.  If you were ever stranded on the side of the road or changing a flat tire at night, these would CERTAINLY come in handy & could very easily save your life!” 

- Our CLUBTAC Military Personnel say: : “Seriously??  It’s 10 freakin inches!!  You could beat the s*** out of someone with this if you had to.  Or if you had to in true self defense, break the damn thing and splash the fluid in their eyes.  It’s non-toxic and won’t hurt them, but it will be uncomfortable as hell and will cause temporary blindness.  OR put this in a UNMANNED or UNOCCUPIED Tent, Tarp, or any type of shaded area.  Then move yourself or command your squad to move to a different location.  By doing this it will divert any approaching enemy from your actual location due to the false impression of the of activity.  God forbid you don’t have any more rounds, or a survival blade near by, then snap this stick in half and put the fluid in your enemies eyes to temporarily blind their ass.  It’s better than nothin.”  😲🤦‍♂️

These Tactical Grade Light Sticks from Cyalume are 100% Made In The USA and are made under strict quality guidelines to ensure each light stick works without issue. Competitors “adhere to military guidelines” – ChemLight is the gold standard. These light sticks also come with a guaranteed 4-year shelf life and individual foil wrapping. They’ll be safely stored and ready to go when you are!

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