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Military Jungle Hammock with Built In Mosquito Net

Military Jungle Hammock with Built In Mosquito Net

Never be eaten alive again while outdoors when you need to catch some shut eye!  With its new elevated design, roof and mesh netting, The Military Jungle Hammock will aid in protecting you from wet terrain, insects, rain and other outdoor elements while camping or relaxing while out in the field. 

Designed with lightweight cotton and nylon, the Military Jungle Hammock can be perfectly folded up to store in a rucksack, military duffle bag, and various outdoor packs. It also features a roof to aid in keeping you dry from outdoor elements, and mesh netting in-between the floor and roof to protect you from unwanted bugs. 

Simply attach each end to a tree with the ropes and clews.  With its generous size (measuring 78” X 20”) this elevated shelter provides enough space to sleep and has a 220 lb. weight limit.

Main specs include:
✅ Constructed Of Lightweight Cotton / Nylon Material – Perfect To Fold Up And Store In Your Rucksack
✅ Structurally Designed With A Floor And Roof To Keep You Dry From Rain And Other Outdoor Elements
✅ Mesh Netting In-Between The Floor And Roof For Protection From Bugs
✅ Ropes And Clews On Each End Allow You To Securely Attach The Hammock To A Tree
✅ Elevated Shelter Measures: 78” X 20” with a 220 LB. Weight Limit
✅ Bug Out Bag APPROVED

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