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Military Rank Poker Playing Cards
  • Military Rank Poker Playing Cards


    You asked for them back - so here they are! Our OFFICIAL U.S. Military Rank Poker Playing Cards. The only thing to do in a post apocalyptic world to keep from dying of boredom in between, you know.... surviving is keeping yourself entertained! The perfect addition to anyone's survival arsenal is the ClubTac Playing cards. Play some poker, blackjack, solitaire or make up your own game....just don't loose all of your hazzardous duty pay to your sarge!


    Every card has a U.S. Army Military Rank, Military Emblem associated with that Rank, and much more. Trust us... There were many times while our ClubTac Marines & ClubTac Army Recon Scouts were deployed over seas & they said that they would've loved some cards before getting the good ole 4 hours of normal sleep. Enjoy & learn the ranks - specifically these are U.S. Army Rankings. Be on the lookout for the Marines, Navy & Air Force in the future.

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