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Military Tactical Carabiners (2 pack)

Military Tactical Carabiners (2 pack)

SKU: Carabiner-2pk
They call it the �Tactical Grimloc� Carabiner, and they�re absolutely awesome to carry on your gear pack - especially any MOLLE type pack. These small & lightweight multi-purpose tools are used to connect your tools and accessories to belt loops or MOLLE webbing on bags, backpacks, vests, and more. The secret is the webbing slot - it makes it easy to attach it to any backpack strap or MOLLE system providing a secure, closed loop. The size of the Carabiner is 2.1" (L) x 1.4" (W), with an opening close to 1" wide when fully released. High pound tested reinforced polymer plastic provides the strength you can rely on to keep your medical gear, IFAKs, tools and more always connected. The perfect accessory to ensure all of your Every Day Carry army supplies are kept secured to your survival bag. Another awesome addition is they feature a snap closure mechanism and the opening design below that latching (snap) mechanism is flush and allows debris to keep it from jamming - which definitely comes in handy if your gear bag is thrown in dirt, mud, leaves, sand, or napalm ??. Perfect for everything outdoors including hiking, fishing, camping, traveling backpacking, surviving an apocalypse and kicking ass during World War 3.
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