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Mini Tac Knife (ClubTac Exclusive)

Mini Tac Knife (ClubTac Exclusive)


We had NeckKnife make us a MINI Tactical Knife that's similar to the traditional Ka-Bar Military Blade. NeckKnife was kind enough to agree and even put Mini-Tac on it for all of the ClubTac Members! This little guy is no joke though & is sharp as any other traditional stainless steel blade. It features a durable ABS hard kidex sheath with a durable stainless steel (dog tag style) neck chain.


The Mini-Tac Blade offers a black anodized construction with sharp edge & partial serration, which will come in handy should something need to be sawed and not sliced. The sheath can also be strung onto a boots with lace holes or to any traditional backpack. This is a perfect little blade to have in your hardcore BugOut Gear Bag all the way down to your center console in your car! This guy will come in handy when you need it!

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