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Molle Tactical Vest Koozie
  • Molle Tactical Vest Koozie

    SKU: Molle-Koozie

    NOW THESE ARE BAD ASS! We just wish they could take a 5.56 round to the chest without it spilling your drink! You will absolutely be the talk of the party when you put one of these bad boys on your Can or Bottled Beverage! This Tactical Molle Beverage cooler design is obviously inspired by a Military Molle Tactical Vest.


    The unique design will have your can or bottle looking like a bad ass drink that doesn't take shit for an answer! Oh did we mention it's adjustable? That's right! It has adjustable shoulder straps that allow it to fit any 12oz or 16oz/ (350 ml to 550 ml) Cans or even Bottles! And they're perfect for either hot or cold beverages as well. (Trust us, we all carry them and use them religiously!) Constructed of Wear-resistant fabric, webbing, mesh cloth.


    They're made of High quality suture military vest nylon, and we promise this will absolutely be your Beverage Kuzie of choise for your daily or party use! These make an awesome Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift as well! Need an extra stocking stuffer? Get 10% Off from our ClubTac Bunker by downloading the FREE ClubTac iPhone App from the Apple App Store! Or visit

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