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Outdoor LED Hanging Tent Light Bulb
  • Outdoor LED Hanging Tent Light Bulb


    Never be in the dark again with your DealBang Bulb! This Ultra-portable & Light-weight LED Tent Light Bulb is very handy when it comes to Camping & Being Outdoors! When we tested them out, it surprisingly was very sturdy & durable, which is due to the fact that its exterior is made of strong ABS material that carry's a good crash or impact resistance. As far as the size and weight goes, its perfectly compact and extremely lightweight to carry and grip without any issues whatsoever. The 3 Light Modes make this Outdoor Bulb very different than any others in the market however...


    It comes with 3 Modes : HIGH / LOW / STROBE - Which is super simple and easy to switch by one button and meet various needs. HIGH MODE : It's like the perfect little mini decor around the camp ground, or at a central location in your outdoor base! LOW MODE : Inside your tent this would make the perfect reading light or even a night light for the little ones in their sleeping bags. STROBE MODE : Perfect for Emergency Signaling and Distracting Zombies or Enemies in Range. (Zombies hate strobe lights) Regardless of which mode you choose, this Hanging Outdoor/Indoor LED Bulb is very easy to use as: - A Backup Light When A Power Outage Occurs! - A Night Light In Outdoor Activities! - Or just creating a Flashing Strobe Light Party Atmosphere! Powered by 3x AAA batteries - (Which we totally included for you don't worry), so no need to bring wire or usb power bank when used in outdoors. Some other kick ass features we loved were : - Boasts A Generous Wide Angle & Soft Light Illumination Feature - Made With Built-in 3 LED Beads - Constructed with Premium LED Technology Chip versions to bring the bulb's maximum brightness to 150 lumens to offer a moderate light and illuminate a much larger area around it than any standard flashlight - Special frosted finishing on light cover made the light-beam more cozy and comfortable on the eyes - Anti-falling D-Clip Hook Attached So basically you can hang this bad ass LED light bulb on Backpack, Tent, Tree, Warefare Trench, Captured Zombies Dog Collar, or almost anywhere you could imagine.


    It will always remain steady and secure with the D-clip Carabiner hook, so you don't have to worry about it dropping. Again, very cool LED Outdoor Bulb - Great Durability when we tested them out - And Essential for Emergency's, Hurricanes, Outdoor Activities, Enemy Dog Collars, Outdoor Bathrooms, Garages, Man Caves, Inside of Camping Tents, Above Picnic Tables, or even attached to a tree limb for god sake to act as a Tactical Location Beacon and Enemy Distraction Device. Want an extra one? Click on the SHOP tab at the bottom of this app and for the next few days these LED Bulbs are BOGO!

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