Premium Wall Art Wooden Concealment Storage Gun/Money Safe
  • Premium Wall Art Wooden Concealment Storage Gun/Money Safe

    Looking to conceal and store your gun in a way that is secure yet fits nicely with all of your other interior & home decorations?

    Well here you are Soldier!  This bad boy will look incredible on any mantle, hanging on the wall, or simply placed on a shelf. 

    100% Made in the U.S.A. 

    This wooden masterpiece includes secure magnetic locking mechanisms to ensure your gun is safely stored and Kaizen closed cell foam, which is customizable to fit a multitude of different gun sizes and shapes. 

    **Please note:  There is a MAGNET on the side of this.  The magnet is what unlocks the wooden concealment art.  To lock, simply move the magnet away.

    To see more pictures of how to open & close, download the FREE iPhone ClubTac App from the Apple App Store!


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