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QDS 12" AR-15 Handguard
  • QDS 12" AR-15 Handguard

    The first (and best in our opinion) in the line of handguards the built by Tactical Machining is the QDS 12" AR-15 handguard.  This free-float handguard has the ability to be quickly detached, and weighing in at just 11 oz for the entire 12" handguard system makes the QDS one of the lightest handguards on the market.


    The two piece barrel nut system and double locking quick disconnect system also creates an extremely rigid lockup.

    When designing a rail, Tactical Machining (based out of Deland, FL) started with our customer base in mind. They have been to the gun range doing research and development and grew tired of undoing screws and having to carry a few tools to tune the rifle the way they wanted. So they put an end to it. This isn't a "bs" gimmick, this is for you, the builder.


    Regarding the centerpiece, if you notice, their barrel nut centers on the inside of the rail extrusion. This means anti rotation, no tabs sticking out, no extra pieces to fiddle with. Just get the barrel nut right and you're good to go.

    As far as the two piece barrel nut, they chose to use a two piece system to cinch the barrel nut down.

    It has an outer sleeve, that aligns the rail and locates the rail with a pin as well as a steel barrel nut with 1.25" flats for torqueing the system down.

    When it comes to the Cam Lock, you simply unlock the cam clamp to begin the disassembly process. This should be torqued to approximately 15 inch lbs when closed.  The takedown pin is the second step. Alone it