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RARE - U.S. Military M56 Carlisle Bandage

RARE - U.S. Military M56 Carlisle Bandage

If it’s good enough for the Military, it’s good enough for a civilian. These are “Field” Bandages (that can be used quickly while in the field - or outdoors on the go). Why does the packaging look so rough? Well CLUBTAC was able to get our hands on these M56’s in their ORIGINAL U.S. Military Medical Field Box that they came in.  

Don’t worry - these have never been issued and the actual bandages are brand new, sterilized and plastic bagged. These are simply rare & awesome in their own way - at least the box is.  As far as the bandages, well let’s be honest, accidents DO happen. So be prepared to tackle life-saving emergency situations with the proper bandages, as used in the field by trained Military Medics.


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