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Real Leather Custom Luggage & Gear Tag
  • Real Leather Custom Luggage & Gear Tag


    These handcrafted leather luggage tags add a personal touch without taking up too much space. Though it may seem small, a luggage tag is a must-have when traveling. From helping you spot your nondescript black bag in the endless sea of nondescript black bags on the carousel to making sure your suitcase gets to your room after you and 20 other conference attendees just shared a shuttle bus from the airport, it's the easiest way to keep track of your belongings on a trip. But it can also be an opportunity to add a little personality or "warning" I guess you could say to your gear.


     On the stylish leather strap, you'll find the 2nd Amendment beautifully engraved right on it. On the main security leather fold you'll find one side that shows the iconic and trademarked Air Drop ClubTac symbol, along with the other side showing Old Glory. Then, slide out the real maple tree wood and see your property, along with your name and address displayed right there. You know that feeling when you're finally in the luggage reclaim area of your destination airport, and a million identical suitcases pass you by leaving you no idea if any of them are yours? Playing luggage bingo at the end of a long journey is never fun, and without an easily identifiable luggage tag you could be playing it for some time to come. Always tag your luggage, Squad! Without a tag, your personal items could end up in someone else's hands  or worse still, in another country. Name them to claim them! Now you can stylishly make sure your luggage or gear bag ends up in the right hands : YOURS!

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