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Tactical Advantage 9mm Bore Sight
  • Tactical Advantage 9mm Bore Sight


    This 9mm Bore Sight is a Class IIIA laser that actually chambers into your firearm without having to fire it, which allows for the perfect & most accurate sighting in possible.  Now you are guaranteed to hit bullseye after bullseye with this perfect & simple bore sight.  Toss it in your range bag to make sure you're always sighted in regardless where you are.  Includes extra batteries and operating instructions as well.

    - Fastest gun zeroing and sighting system, boresighter easy to sit perfectly in the bore.
    - Package includes one 9mm bore sight and batteries, battery can be used continuously for more than 2 hours.
    - Bore sight has perfect accuracy and is very compact/lightweight in size
    - Reduce cartridges and shells wasted by sighting in perfect the first time!
    - Designed & Tested in the U.S.A. by First Responders and Military Personnel 

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