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Tactical Leg Holster
  • Tactical Leg Holster


    A must have for all scenarios of combat, and in some cases survival. Imagine, your last .556 round exits the chamber of your AR, now what? Well it's easy, reach down and grab your .45 from your tactical leg holster and continue taking care of business. We like this specific Tactical Leg Holster because unlike others this one will fit almost all pistols. When we tested it at the ClubTac office, it stayed put while moving fast and even while full on sprinting - so there would be no worries while carrying out your operation.


    They offer a strong hold and a one-hand snap release, so your weapon stays secure until you make the draw. This Tactical Leg Holster is designed to accommodate all medium to large size pistols, all the way from a G17 to a full blown Desert Eagle, and they're extremely practical/functional. The straps on the holster are specially treated with Non-Slip material and the retention system is extremely easy to disengage in the heat of battle. But, in order to protect against guns being lost in the heat of battle/on the field, a further optional Velcro safety is added! This is truly an extremely functional tactical holster.

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