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Tactical Tomahawk Battle Axe
  • Tactical Tomahawk Battle Axe

    The Battle Axe that has it all!  Literally we’re not kidding. 

    This Tactical Tomahawk Battle Axe Combo is the only survival axe you'll truly ever need. Boasting impressive functionality with abilities to: Chop, Cut, Strip, Chip, Trim, Open, Dig, Scale, Hammer, Whistle, even includes a Flint & Magnesium Rod Striker to make a fire plus much more. Compass Utilization, Bottle Opener, Glass Breaker Tip, and even includes a Flint & Magnesium Rod Striker to make a fire.


    TACTICAL MILITARY GRADE: Constructed from solid Mil-Spec Steel, its Military functionality includes “grab & go” portability, due to its ability to be very easily disassembled and carried in any backpack or outdoor gear bag.  While outdoors or camping you can rest assured that you’ll always be prepared with its other features such as a Built-In Compass, Bottle Opener, Glass Breaker, Tactical Guarded Sheath, Adjustable Handles and even an extremely sharp Tactical Knife & Saw with serrated edges.  This bad boy will certainly come in handy when it comes to any type of survival situation. 


    QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The Head of the Tactical Tomahawk Battle Axe is forged from solid steel.  The handle and extension bars are made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy and is the sturdiest and thickest you’ll ever hold.  Designed and produced with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, it’s questionably the best camping axe or camping hatchet you’ll ever have.


    ADJUSTABLE LENGTH:  Designed with extension bars, you can adjust the length of the handle according to your needs. Compared to other axes, hatchets or tomahawks, the Tactical Tomahawk Battle Axe Combo has everything you need all built in.  


    PORTABLE W/ FUNCTIONALITY:  Designed to be compact and portable, the Tactical Tomahawk Battle Axe Combo comes in a black durable sheath for safety while storing it away, and includes: HAMMER, BOTTLE OPENER, FISH SCALER, FIRE STARTER, GLASS BREAKER, WHISTLE, COMPASS, HAND ROPE, KNIFE, SAW AND MORE.


    Simply put, this Battle Axe is BAD ASS.  Yea…we said it… This Axe deserves the compliment.  Its ergonomic grip and quick-style steel blade make this the PERFECT Tomahawk.  Perfect for anyone to use outdoors while camping, hiking, backpacking, and most certainly perfect for survivalist, hunters, first responders, and tactical enthusiast.

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      $89.50Sale Price
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