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Tan Gearguide
  • Tan Gearguide


    The OFFICIAL ClubTac GearGuide is our exclusive weatherproof quick reference guides that attach to your gear or anything you can hook the carabiner to. This very well could SAVE YOUR LIFE. If it doesn't help, then it will certainly teach you something new and/or give you somewhat of a cheat sheet always have you reference. (Plus they're kind of bad ass)


    This Tan ClubTac GearGuide is currently 1 of the 2 versions offered, however we're creating more based on your feedback received on the ClubTac Facebook & ClubTac Instagram! Perfectly sized to fit into any traditional MOLLE loops, this ClubTac GearGuide anchors with a hook-handle & features a 6-inch Measuring Ruber Ruler, displays the entire Military Alphabet from Aplha to Zulu & also displays Morse Code for the numbers 0 through 9. Very useful, very tactically modern, & very bad ass.

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