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Now THIS is 1 BIG ASS FLASK! Half a gallon to be exact! This 64 ounce Stainless Steel Flask was made by BUNKERMUG ( How is it good for survival? Well if you fill it up with water and drink 1 per day you'll be good for your 8 glasses of water. Not only that, but now you can be prepared for game day and discreet wild parties with this bad boy! The CLUBTAC Big Ass Flask is a 64 Oz Stainless Steel Flask that holds half a gallon of liquor, whiskey, wine, spirits, alcohol or other drinks-including water obviously.


Includes a No Spill Cap that screws on top of the lid to make sure it doesn't get lost & helps ensure your booze stays where it belongs while reducing the chances of spills. Please drink responsibility - Don't drink & drive. This refined bar accessory is sure to turn heads & keep the conversation going on at parties & get togethers. You know the phrase: Don't get caught with it & don't get caught without it. This also makes an AWESOME gift for any friend or family member for any occasion! The CLUBTAC Big Ass Flask is also big enough for self defense. Just grand it by the leather protection sheath and beat the s*** out of an intruder if you can't find your other defense weapon of choice.

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