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Permanent Survival Match 2.0
  • Permanent Survival Match 2.0


    We wish we had these in the Military. One of our CLUBTAC Military Vets said that back in the day they'd use a flamethrower to set a nearby tree or bush on fire to light a cigarette if no one had a lighter. We're pretty sure that's why he was moved from Infantry to Artillery. Regardless, now you have this nifty little kick ass Permanent Survival Match!  Good for an incredible 15,000 strikes!


    Instead of taking a bundle of match sticks with you when you camp, take this eternal striking Permanent Survival Match. Made of Stainless Steel and Military Grade ABS, it's able to be used in all types of weather & is waterproof & stormproof.  When we tested it, we found it to be better in the wind than other random brands of windproof matches, and it's really neat having a personal never ending fire starter that you can honestly rely on. 


    Besides a Survival Situation, this fast starting flame can be used to light a variety of things such as barbeques, propane stoves, lanterns, oil lamps, bunsen burners, blow torch, fire pit, the fireplace, bonfires, candles, or to start a fire quick with paper, dry grass, hay, weeds, bark, kindling, wood, logs, coal, charcoal, maya dust, tinder or tumbleweeds. Use INDOORS OR OUTDOORS!  When our professionals tested these we determined that you absolutely can use them indoors or in the kitchen for cooking because it doesn't really produce smoke (unless you light something on fire obviously).


    Currently it has no lighter fluid in it, so you'll need to grab some Zippo or Ronson Lighter Fluid (kerosene) & fill the container with liquid fuel no more than 3/4 full. To strike, position the flat end of the flint striker at a 45' angle at the top of the steal rod on the side of the container. Apply pressure to the match and scrape downwards along the steel rod. Practice striking to learn how to create a spark with each strike.  Do not shake the container when striking. Keep your hand holding the container steady when striking to prevent lighter fluid from spilling out. The flame lasts for about 5 seconds before it starts to burn the wick. At that point the match needs to be re-soaked in more fluid. At the end of the day, now you OFFICIALLY have Permanent Matches! BOOM!


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