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Travel Towel Tablets (2 PIECES)
  • Travel Towel Tablets (2 PIECES)

    SKU: Mini-twl-2pc

    Made of non-woven cotton linen, a towel is compressed into the shape and size of a small tablet. When water is added to the tablet, it expands into a usable towel. It's compacted size makes it convenient for travel, camping, hiking and more. Throw these in your bug out bag and have them handy for use anywhere. All you need is some water to add to the tablet, and you'll have a towel in seconds! The expanded towel size is approximately 7.5 inches by 10.5 inches.


    What we love most about these is the ease of accessibility because now you can avoid carrying enormous towels or bulky wipes in your purse or backpack. These are extremely convenient for business trip, travel, camping, and so much more! You can use them indoors such as in the kitchen, hotel, bathroom, hydrotherapy center, office and so on. It is also absolutely suitable in (and typically preferred) outdoors, for travel, camping, and all kinds of outdoor activities and business occasions.

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